No, we don't do these perfectly, only Jesus did! We meet to intentionally teach, live and share God's Word in order to allow His Spirit to transform us to be more like his Son - to love what he loves!

We love God.
We glorify God by enjoying him more than all he has created.

Our greatest desire is to honor God. Worshipping him daily is our duty and our delight. We seek to be known as people of prayer and praise, responding to God’s character, submitting to his will, and listening to his voice. Because of our love for him, we seek not only to learn about him but also to know him more intimately. We glorify God because he is greater than the sum of all his gifts. All his blessings pale in comparison to the ultimate joy of dwelling with him forever.

We love God’s Word.
We study, teach, and apply the Bible as our final authority. 

As the source of our most treasured beliefs, God’s Word is our authority for every area of life. It shapes how we think, how we work, how we serve, and how we love. We saturate our lives with the Scriptures. We read them, teach them, apply them, and share them. We commit to the regular and careful study of the Scriptures. We seek to do all of this faithfully that we might better know the Author and apply the Bible’s timeless truths to shape our lives and engage our times.

We love the Gospel of God. 
We joyfully embrace the Good News of Jesus Christ as God’s transforming power.

We embrace the Good News of God’s saving work through Christ. While others deny the uniqueness and sufficiency of his death and resurrection, we honor God as the work of Christ transforms our thinking, our actions, and our relationships. As those who have experienced God’s great and gracious power to change lives, we desire to witness with our words and demonstrate through our deeds the power of this Gospel.


We love God’s work in us. 
We respond in faith to the Holy Spirit’s work in us to make us more like Christ. 

Our goal is to live as authentic followers of Christ. We wage war against our sin and turn from evil influences. Our ambition is to obey God’s Word more fully, display his character more consistently, and trust him even in difficult circumstances. This journey is nourished by the Scriptures, encouraged by our fellow believers, and modeled by our leaders. As individuals and as a congregation, we seek the Holy Spirit’s power to mold us continually into the image of Christ.

We love the people of God. 
We build up the Body of Christ by loving and serving one another in biblical community.

We welcome everyone to explore, experience, and commit to loving, biblical relationships. Regardless of our background or experience, the bond of Christ unites us in love for one another as members of one family. Our commitment to Christ and to one another is greater than any hurt or offense we may cause one another. In instances of conflict, we seek genuine reconciliation. Our small groups are crucial for spiritual growth and for fostering transparency, honesty, and accountability. We encourage one another to develop spiritual gifts and equip each other for the ministries to which God has called us.

We love the mission of God. 
We make God’s glory known among all peoples near and far.

We live in such a way that others may see our good works and bring glory to God. We seek to proclaim the Good News to those without Christ and without hope. We recognize that those who live near us may be far from the Gospel. We seek to share with them the Good News and even our lives. We also join in God’s work through word and deed as we send and support messengers throughout the nations. Regardless of our location or vocation, our central goal is to make God’s glory known among all peoples.